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Mapa de entrenamiento para el Model Event

Mapa de entrenamiento para el Model Event

There are no translations available.A partir de esta fecha , todos los participantes tienen la posibilidad de descargar el mapa de entrenamiento ...
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 18:37
Entrenamientos y Sprint previos al I Trofeo Ciudad de Utiel

Entrenamientos y Sprint previos al I Trofeo Ciudad de Utiel

There are no translations available.Durante los días previos a la competición oficial del I Trofeo Ciudad de Utiel y V Premi OCV, 9, 10 y 11 de Marzo,...
Monday, 28 February 2011 09:51
Practical making of base maps for Orienteering maps

Practical making of base maps for Orienteering maps

Santiago Galindo,  ortophotometrist, professional cartographer and orienteering runner from Valencia will demostrate with a practical exercise...
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 09:33
Jenny Lönnkvist IOF 67 ranking athlete entried

Jenny Lönnkvist IOF 67 ranking athlete entried

The swedidish orieenteer Jenny Lönnkvist entried for competition Utiel 2011 and also will assist at training camp maps. Four times gold on several...
Thursday, 17 February 2011 17:12




Both events are scoring points to (WRE) and Spanish Orienteering League

W E L C O M E!


The club S.D.Correcaminos is pioneer on popular athletics in the city of Valencia. The club was founded at 1979, and nowadays have more than 800 active runners.

Since 1994 When was founded the orienteering team in the Club S.D. Correcaminos, till nowadays have been organizating national events and a lot of regional events and a great amount of promotional events.

Belonging to Valencian Federation, belonging the club top orienteers which compete in nacional and internacional events. Also with a sports trainers with nacional and internacional experience and technical staff with great amount of experience about high level event sports organization.




The most important Organizated events:  
Valencia Marathon    Orienteering events organizated
30 years    1999 - National League (Foot) Requena - Valencia 
4 years Spanish Championships   2000 - National League (Foot) Benageber - Valencia
Half Marathon 19 years   2001 - National League (Foot) Requena - Valencia
Volta a Peu (8 Km urban circuit)
28 years  
2000 - National League (Mountain Bike) Benageber - Valencia
Trees and Castles (Teams relays)
5 years   2005 - National League (Mountain Bike) Requena - Valencia


1980 Silver Medal of  Ministry of Sport (CSD).
1984 Consell Trophy to the top club.
1995 Gold Medal to sports Merit (high distintion from Generalitat Valenciana).
2005 Award Comunidad Valenciana to sports management as as private club.
2005 Carousel sports trophy Deportivo (Radio Channel Ser).
2008 Marathon Spanish Champion (by teams).




Utiel will held three days 11, 12 and 13 of march 2011 the organization of  Internacional Orienteering Event Ciudad de Utiel and V Premi d'Orientació Comunitat Valenciana 2011, this event organizated by S.D. Correcaminos and supported mainly by the M.I. Municipality of Utiel.

Orienteering sports is very special to share the natural enviorement as a sport ground. And Orienteering sport is developing touching directly the natural areas. Also Utiel have a lot of panoramas with natural landscapes specially ready to pratice sport. These Landescapes well formed by the main rocky surface and caracterized by big forestal masses, between  these masses are the dominant trees with an excelent representation of wide holm continental oaks and thick pine masses spreaded, surrounded by the wonderful Sanctuari “Ermita de la Virgen del Remedio”.

The competition area located at “Casas de Medina” (10 km. North of Utiel), downhill from “Mazorra”. It is a Hill with ibérian arqueologic ruins, and with “El Remedio” peak with 1.306 m. highest altitude of the territory, and highest peak from the comarcal mountains “Sierra del Negrete”.

The sport give us an important benfits to each one whom practise every day, with special physical features –with upgrading quality of live,... –, Also as psíquical – benefits, as the integration as way of integration and social relation, …–. Beside, in this time its join another adventages form the outsport in direct contact with the nature, It is a feature that converts orienteering sport in hole to explode in front of a modern waylife, the waylife in a big cities, the stress, etc. I am completely convinved that this kind of sport events are the best showcase and important turistic resource in our town. therefore. Turism and Sport walk together a lot of times with the human and economic adventage for our society.

As Utiel’s major, I have an opportunity to transmit you my heart wish the internacional event will be a great success with more than 2.000 participants and public, coming from everywhere, national or international procedence from diferent places. Everyone may will enjoy the goodness from our land : The richness of our geography, variated as well as envioronment , gastronomy, taste great variety of wines, culture and the hospitality of our inhabitants, for all these reasons I hope you will return again.

José Luis Ramírez Ortiz
Major from Municipality of Utiel


Dear sport friends,

    I am glad to greet you with the spanish cordiality and frienship to all participants in this International Orienteering Trophy City of Utiel and V Premi d'Orientació Comunitat Valenciana 2011, with the hope about this experience will enable to enjoy the event and discover the natural landscapes of this region.

    I wish you the best feelings in both competitions, I welcome you with great cordiality.

    Paco Borao.       President, S.D. Correcaminos


     I write hereby a few words to introduce the I InterNational Trophy City of Utiel and V Premi d´Orientació de la Comunitat Valenciana. A great orienteering event where we will have everyone an opportunity to share with an international competition and enjoy with sports, culture and nature, three offers that will be the main activities from the event. 

     We have always supported from the regional orienteering federation (FEDOCV)  to the SD Correcaminos the idea to getting ready and organize an international orienteering event, on high level of performance. We Know the club experience as organizer, and now this moment has just arrived . We work together indefatigably to reach a big National and interNational sucess.  

    As a particular trophy from our region Comunitat Valenciana the “Premi d'Orientació” nowadays is a young trophy and it will be solid at the international calendar with the fifth edition . The year 2011 come back to Valencia province terrains. Following with the singularity with our International Trophy each year organized by a different club and different municipality of our region Comunitat Valenciana, always with our collaboration FEDOCV. 

José Barberá Verdugo
President, FEDOCV.

Far are ...  friends

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