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Maps Competition Area and Finish Area

Finish and parking area


Available pics for the map

The event venue is located over The “Sierra del Negrete” A mountain zone, belonging to the axis of Iberian mountains and the main features are the abrupt topography and covered with big forest masses. Between these domain an excellent representation of wide areas of continental kermes oak.

The competition terrain placed between 950 to 1.150 meters from altitude above the sea. Conformed by two areas fitted into two different races:

Long distance race Saturday:

  • Slow and moderate climbing.
  • Young Pine Forest with easy penetrability.
  • Ground covered by kermes oak and esparto fiel.
  • Emerging rocks and open lands.

Middle distance race Sunday:

  • High and moderate climbing.
  • Young Pine Forest with some zones covered with low vegetation which slow the speed.
  • Emerging rocks.

 It will be advisable wear protection on legs.

Cartographied by Leonids Malankovs, March 2010 and October 2010.
Long Race: Map “El Remedio”. Scale 1:15.000, Equidistance 5m. ISOM rules.
Middle race: Map “Casas de Medina”. Scale 1:10.000, Equidistance 5m. ISOM rules.
The model Event map will be at the same map near from the competition area.
There will be warming up maps availables for each day at event center for both races long and middle distance.


 Terrain images

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